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Welcome to Maranatha Gospel Hall's website! This website is intended to share our faith, experiences and talents with a wider audience through the internet. Please browse the site and revisit regularly to view our features and articles.

At Maranatha we boldly proclaim the Word of God in various areas of ministry. We unyeildingly declare Lordship of Jesus Christ and uncompromisingly preach that salvation comes only and wholly by Him. We believe that the Bible is the word of God and as such contains God's directives and purpose for us. Our fellowship presently numbers approximately 200 saints spanning all age demographies. Youth development both spiritually and socially is held in high regard. We have yearly camps and other ministries geared toward this goal. We believe and practice plurality of leadership (Acts 14:23) and as such, are led by several Elders who are accountable to God Almighty for the shepherding of the congregation.

If/When you can, please join us at Maranatha 7 Deanery Road, Kingston 16, Jamaica, as we worship, lift up, exalt, magnify and honour the King of Kings and Lord of Lords..JESUS CHRIST!!!

MARANATHA...The Lord Cometh!




   Pacific Garden Mission's  "Unshackled!"



   Sunday Morning Messages



   Meditation with Vincent Ross



   Maranatha "Vibes" by Arthur Fitz-Ritson

This Month At Maranatha     



"In creation we see God's Hand, and
in redemption we see His Heart."


Sunday Morning Speakers: 

August 3 - Bro. Vincent Ross
August 10 - Bro. Michael Harty
August 17 - Bro. Herman Davis
August 24 - Bro. Paul Henry
August 31 - Bro. Desmond DaCosta

Wednesday Nights: 

August 20 - Bro. Patrick Grant
August 27 - Bro. Hugh Richards

See The Bulletin for more information and details of these and other meetings for August 2014.  


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