About Us

Vision Statement

To be an Evangelical Leader
in the body of our
committed to loving the
with all our
hearts, souls and mind
and our neighbours as ourselves

Mission Statement

Because of our love for GOD and our neighbours, we will:

  • Preach and teach the undiluted Word of God
  • Pursue the Spiritual and Social develoopment of the youths and children in the Assembly
  • Encourage witnessing for CHRIST,
    Attendance at meetings,
    Reading of the Word of God,
    And Preaching of the Word of GOD.
  • Live in obediance to the LORD

At Maranatha we boldly proclaim the Word of God in various areas of ministry. We unyeildingly declare Lordship of Jesus Christ and uncompromisingly preach that salvation comes only and wholly by Him.

We believe that the Bible is the word of God and as such contains God's directives and purpose for us. Our fellowship presently numbers approximately 200 saints spanning all age demographies.

Youth development both spiritually and socially is held in high regard. We have yearly camps and other ministries geared toward this goal. We believe and practice plurality of leadership (Acts 14:23) and as such, are led by several Elders who are accountable to God Almighty for the shepherding of the congregation.

What We Believe

We believe that God the Father in love planned Salvation; God the Son died on the Cross to achieve Salvation for us, and that God the Holy Spirit entices the unsaved, to trust Christ as Saviour… and enables, equips and empowers the saved …to serve Christ as Lord.

We believe that the one true God of the universe is the God of the Bible – the Lord Almighty… and that among other names… He is Lord, Jehovah.

We believe that at any time soon, Jesus shall appear in the air to take away His Church – comprised of every sincere believer in Him.

We believe that God made everything and every being – except Him – for He is the Unmoved Mover – the Uncreated Creator – the Eternal and Perfect Designer.

We believe that Jesus came to die on the Cross for all humanity… for in God’s reckoning all sinned when Adam sinned… and so all died… when Adam died… therefore… all needed to be saved or redeemed… and this has been made possible for all when Christ died… and was buried… and when Christ rose, victorious from the grave.

We believe that Salvation is available today…to all who repent of their sins… and put their faith in Jesus ….for Salvation full and free forever.

We believe that Jehovah is one… Father, Son and Holy Spirit… three in one – and one in three.. the Mystery of the Trinity.

We believe that when Jesus comes again to this earth He shall rule the world from Jerusalem… for a thousand years…and after that….forever and ever in His eternal Kingdom. AMEN

We believe that Jesus the Saviour now sits in Heaven as Lord at the place of highest exaltation. From there… He receives our worship… directs our footsteps… and pleads our case before the Father… with His precious blood… shed to make possible the forgiveness of all our sins and a place assured in Heaven.

We believe that God came to earth in human form in the person of Jesus – who had a human mother… but a divine Father… the Mystery of the Incarnation.

A Brief History of Maranatha

Old Maranatha

From tent crusades in several areas of Kingston, Irish missionary William Gibson established the Maranatha Assembly on November 29, 1929. Its first place was a tent pitched on Lacy Rd. After three years, with a gift from George Wilson (visiting from Canada) land was leased on Vincent St. in Allman Town and a shed-like structure erected. That Hall was opened on May 31, 1931 and named Maranatha. The badly worn tent was moved to Sackville Rd. in Vineyard Town and from there the gospel was preached. Seven months later, the old tent was ripped to pieces by a storm. A decision that would impact the future had to be made. The small group at Sackville Rd. and the young assembly at Vincent St. merged and built a more permanent structure on land previously secured at 6B Deanery Road. The stay in Allman Town was three years.

The years in Allman Town were difficult. At times the expenses could not be met and there was always a deficit in the budget. Moving to 6B Deanery Road, also had its challenges and in Bro. Gibson’s words, “I remember a time when we were so discouraged we felt like quitting and going home.” It was a poem, “You Can’t Quit” surreptitiously left the podium that galvanized the group. There has never been a desire to quit since.

The arrival from England of evangelist Harold Wildish played an important role in the numerical growth of Maranatha. A six week crusade reaped a reaped harvest of souls. “Then followed in January, 1937 the great campaign at Rollington Town when hundreds were swept by the Spirit of God into the Kingdom.” At one point, there were over seven hundred believers in the fellowship.

Maranatha then became a missionary-minded Assembly. In 1939 a large number of believers left to form the nucleus of Bethany, a new Assembly. And after the great Doncaster campaign over eighty persons from Maranatha became part of the newly formed Galilee. Historian Billy Hall also informs that in 1941 Randall Taylor became the first Jamaican among Open Brethren commended as full time worker and Roy Campbell became the first missionary to the foreign field – Belize. Both were sent from Maranatha. Eventually, other full time workers were sent to other parishes.


Present Maranatha

In 1953, with the construction of the present imposing building, the Assembly was moved across the street to 7 Deanery Rd. From this location, the light still shines through the faithful teaching of the Word of God, the passionate preaching of the gospel and the living witness of the believers. Each day we write another page of our history with the prayer that our future will be even more glorious than our past.