I Will Wait For Him

I was born in the parish of Clarendon in a little district called Mitchell’s Hill. I attended the Mitchell’ Hill Primary School and the Linstead Government School (as it was called in those days).

I never obeyed my grandparents’ rules. I was always fussing with them to go wherever I wanted to with my girlfriends. However, my unruly behavior never stopped me from going to the Mitchell’s Hill Baptist Church and Sunday School. I always loved to listen to the Word of God. My grand-parents could not cope with me any more and they sent me to my mother who was living in Linstead. I then started to attend school in Linstead. Church and Sunday School were “a must” for my mom. The Sunday School I used to attend was held on a Sunday morning by the late Dr. Binns, his mother and sister in his garage. His wife later joined them.

That Sunday School changed my life. I was so happy. Every Sunday morning I couldn’t wait to dress up to go. I was taken to Sunday School by the late Mrs. Eva Duhaney, but in all my Sunday School days, I never surrendered my life to God. Years after, I migrated to England.

On the building where I was living, another lady from Jamaica was also living there. She started to tell lies on me and to keep malice with me. I could not understand why she did these things to me. While in my room after work, I used to listen to the Back to the Bible Broadcast. Sometimes the message seemed to be for me. One night, I said “Lord, I want to serve you with all my heart, but I am asking you if I did wrong with this lady who is treating me so badly, please remove me out of her way and if she did wrong with me without a cause, please remove her”. To my surprise, at the end of the month, the lady and her family moved out of the building. I said “Jesus, you have answered my prayer, now I am going to serve you”.

I went to work the following morning and asked my co-workers if they knew of any Brethren Church in Rigby where I was living. One co-worker told me that Bill, who took out the garbage, attended a Brethren Church which was at Cambridge Street near to work, but not near to where I was living. He told me the times of the different services. I started to attend that church. After a while, I stopped going as the weather was so bad that I did not want to go out after work. I started to forget my promise made to God.

After many years, I decided to come back home (to Jamaica). Then things started to happen. A woman who was living in our home started with her malice-keeping and saying things about me. Then I remembered my promise to God. I said to myself, I have to get back to God. I asked a lady if she knew of any Brethren Church in Vineyard Town and she told me about Maranatha. She did not know what time the services started, but she believed that it was in the evening about 7 p.m. The following Sunday evening I got my children and myself read and we found Maranatha. I went to a few Sunday evening meetings until one Sunday evening something was telling me, “You should not go out of this place until you surrender your life to God. Tell somebody how you feel in your heart”. Dr. Jackson was the preacher that night and his message did not convince me but I could not leave the Hall, something was telling me that I needed help. Miss Maxine Williams spoke to me that night.

I was baptized on May 13, 1965 and received into fellowship at Maranatha. It was the same time that Tom Skinner came to Jamaica so I was baptized with all those who were saved at Maranatha at that time.

I am still rejoicing with my Saviour, my Lord and my Master. Everyday He is so good to me. He takes care of me day by day and He gives me great peace. I promise Him that I will do His will.

My greatest joy is to come to church and listen to the Word of God and read from the Bible. I love the New Testament. My regret is that I never read my Bible enough so that I could understand more of it. I allowed the pressure of work and home to keep me from reading my Bible. But I believe and I know that my God is able to keep me until that day.