No One Satisfies Like Jesus

I have known and loved the Lord Jesus Christ nearly all my life, as it was during my Sunday School days in the Old Maranatha long, long ago that the most important event in my life took place.

As I remember, there was no remarkable feeling or emotion. As the Gospel was presented to me, I clearly and simply understand that though a child, I was born a sinner and needed the Saviour. So with childlike faith I placed my trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, who has proven to be all that I needed and will ever need in this life and the next.

I come from a large family and we were all influenced by a mother (now in glory), whose Christian example and faithfulness to her Lord was unmatched. She saw to it that all of her seven children were not only exposed to but were also involved in the spiritual exercises at Maranatha. All of us children, but one, received the Lord Jesus at an early age, and this made a great difference in our lives and hers.

During our early teenage days, the young people at Maranatha were lovingly cared for under the watchful eyes of older believers who were not only our mentors but also our friends. The influence that these persons had on my Christian growth is invaluable and eternal.

As I write this testimony and try to reflect on all that the Lord has meant to me through my life I am totally overwhelmed. I realize that it is impossible to adequately describe the PERSON who has completely captured my heart and life.

How can I thank Him enough for His gracious hand of care from childhood until now (71 years). Preserving, protecting, providing, instructing, guiding, blessing, overshadowing, shepherding, chastening, moulding, undergirding, testing and much more – all important in preparing me for each stage of Christian growth.

Today, I can truly say that no one satisfies like Jesus. There is no adjective, no word on earth to describe this altogether lovely PERSON my precious Lord and my Saviour.

My greatest and constant desire is to love Him with all my heart, soul and mind. Who could refuse such an Amazing Person’s entry into their heart and life?

I lovingly and sincerely recommend Him to you. GOD BLESS YOU.